VSDB Testimony

“Testimony gives something to be interpreted”

Paul Ricoeur


Evaluation is important to VSDB and we will suggest evaluation of all the work we do.  Here are a selection of comments from individuals and organisations in the academic, private and public sectors who have worked with us.


If you are a potential client and want to speak with those who have provided testimony, then please contact us.

“Thank you very much for the links and your wonderful work! This is incredible! Thank you again!”
Incredible, Public Sector
“I'm still benefiting from the project and your invention - what a gift that was to all of us. It changed our lives; it certainly did mine at any rate”.
Life Changing, Public Sector
“One of the most valuable things was that your work provided us with suggestions for actions that we could focus on in the future and the material needed to support the suggestions.”
Future Focused, Private Sector
“100% said they enjoyed the event with 80% rating the presentation as excellent and 60% saying that it was very important to their continuing professional development.”
Thoroughly Enjoyed, Private Sector
“Thank you for a really excellent seminar developing the international dimension is crucial for a deep professional understanding.”
Crucial, Private Sector
“I would also like to thank you for the outstanding professionalism and integrity you brought ….resulting in considerable benefit to all.”
Outstanding, Academic Sector
“It was a truly inspirational day!"
Inspired, Public Sector
"Venu has excellent interpersonal skills, is an outstanding and respected professional. We do not hesitate recommending her or working with her again in the future."
Outstanding, Private Sector