VSDB Quality Assurance

Maintaining a high quality of work is essential to VSDB Consultancy and we offer this as a commitment to all clients.  As a small company it is vital to our reputation and brand value.  We understand that quality is what defines your business too.


We take the following steps to ensure quality in the work we do:


  • Agree, set and communicate clear strategic and project goals, targets and staged milestones within project plans
  • Implement relevant policies of partners within management of projects, for example Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety.
  • Learn from formal project evaluations and implement recommendations into future planning and practice
  • Gather feedback and testimony from employers, clients and co-workers
  • Gather formal references from employers
  • Gather references for anyone from whom we may procure sub-contracted services
  • Monitor requests for repeat employment
  • Monitor requests to share best practice


On an individual level we:


  • See and experience a range of businesses and cultural work to ensure our expertise is current
  • Maintain active continuing professional development
  • Consider industry review and critique
  • Encourage and engage in industry debate
  • Encourage personal reflective learning from projects / practice
  • We encourage all Associates to maintain a work/life balance for a refreshed approach

Environmental Issues

As an international consultancy we will do all we can to minimise our carbon footprint.  VSDB will:

  • Endeavour to ensure that materials are locally and ethically sourced.
  • Use recycled materials in our activity.
  • Encourage participation in an “off-setting” air-miles scheme.
  • Use low emissions fuel for UK travel or the train where possible.
  • Conduct an environmental audit for projects and programmes should our clients wish this to happen

Ethical Practice

We are keen to promote ethical practice, particularly as we know that in the arts and international work many other operators do not work ethically. To work to the highest ethical standards and encourage others to do so.  VSDB will:

  • Never ask people to work for free.
  • Not ask interns to work for free, as happens routinely in the cultural sector.
  • Never exploit individuals on the basis of their nationality.
  • Source ethically and can provide a record of this should our clients commission us to do so.

Equal Opportunties

In an unequal world, VSDB is committed to reducing inequalities.  We will:

  • Comply with all UK Legislation.
  • Ensure equal opportunities in any recruitment and selection.
  • Encourage all our clients to aspire to best practice in Equal Opportunites and offer advice to enable them to do so.

Health and Safety

All our work is subject to health and safety standards. When we are working all our Associates are briefed on health and safety.


  • We will insure a Health and Safety Induction led by a qualified professional takes place should projects or programmes require this.
  • All venues will be required to have a Health and Safety Policy to comply with requirements set by relevant authorities.




  • Consultants carry national or world-wide Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policies.
  • Consultants carry own Health Insurance / Life Insurance / Critical Illness Insurances where appropriate.
  • Consultants carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to an appropriate level.
  • Consultants carry appropriate Motor Insurance.
  • Further insurances are taken as relevant to projects such as:  Artists Travel Insurance, Artists Health Insurance, Artists Legal Insurance, Insurances for art works.