East Midlands Cultural Consortium

Appointed by the Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport as inaugural Chair of the East Midlands Regional Cultural Consortium.  This was a structural mechanism to ensure the delivery of a Cultural Strategy for the Region which dovetailed as far as possible with the other strategic work in the East Midlands.  The work included hundreds of groups in the 14 sectors of the Creative Industries covered by the Ministry including Design and Architecture, Broadcasting, Performing Arts and Heritage.  My role was to recruit and appraise the other members of the consortium; ensure an executive secretariat and representation; design and conduct regional consultation; draft and ensure delivery of the strategy.  Membership of the East Midlands Region Integrated Policy Forum, which was the group created by the Regional Assembly that ensured cross sector synergy.  Membership of the East Midlands Regional Assembly, which ensured information exchange and synergy with Local Government. Regular presentation to the Regional Voluntary Sector Council and the Local Government Association.

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