Disintegration of the Persistence of Nations: System Leadership and Workforce Development

The title of this project was inspired by the great artist Salvador Dali and his piece The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory.  Its aim was to dissolve national boundaries between creative thinkers.  It was part of the £3million, 3 year Creative Futures* programme.  It brought together more than 50 individuals from across Europe to share ideas and learn from each other.  Four residential gatherings took place in Scotland, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania to explore diverse themes including: Counterweight (co-ordinated by TYP Kultur) and the Power of Arts Practice (co-ordinated by the National Museum in Kaunas).  Inspirational speakers included the BBCs International Correspondent, Humphrey Hawksley, Peter Stark from UK/USA and Basma El Husseiny from Egypt.

*Creative Futures involved over 72 organisations and 700 participants, it was launched by Venu Dhupa when she was at Creative Scotland.

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