Hassan Mahamdallie

Hassan is a published writer on the history of Muslims in Britain, researcher and co-developer of the Arts Council England Arts and Islam website. Specialism – theatre devising, script development, acting and directing.
Hassan Mahamdallie comes from a very large south London working class family. He gained an MA in Theatre Studies from Leeds University before going on to work as an actor, devisor and director in Theatre In Education and Community Theatre in the North West of England.
For many years he was a campaigning journalist and is a published author on subjects including the struggles of working class Muslims in Britain, racism and imperialism, how our schools fail Black children and the life of radical Victorian artist William Morris. He contributed to the publication Beyond Cultural Diversity (2010). He is the editor of Defending Multiculturalism: A Guide for the Movement (Bookmarks 2011). Hassan is a founder member of Unite Against Fascism and is on the editorial board of new journal Critical Muslim. As a senior officer at Arts Council England he helped devise the Arts and Islam programme that examines the links between religious practise, the arts and contemporary society.