System Leadership

“Success in driving both quality and efficiency of care can no longer be achieved within traditional organisational boundaries, but will demand new levels of co-operation and partnerships working across whole systems.”

System leadership is an understanding and set of attributes and actions that enable smoother systemic evolution.  It is becoming more critical as we move into a future where understanding networks and collaborations, partnerships and social movements become necessary to achieve better outcomes for individual organisations.  It used to be the preserve of high level (mainly Governmental) agencies, but increasingly consideration of ‘the system’ is critical in governance terms.  It acknowledges the value and nature of interdisciplinary and inter-organisational working.

To be successful in whole system leadership leaders and managers will need a different set of leadership tools, tactics and styles.  Operating in an ecosystem of organisations and creating a vision which will resonate with new followers will require a different leadership paradigm.  Leaders will need to openly live out a set of values which will support and influence a more complex vision.  Leaders will also need to understand an interconnected and interdependent series of entities where decisions and actions in one have consequences for others in the ecosystem.

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Our Services

  • Seminar and practical guide to understanding whole system leadership in comparison to to other leadership models
  • Seminar to understand and cultivate the qualities and competencies for whole system leadership
  • Conceptualising ecosystems and scenario setting within whole system leadership
  • Creating a compelling vision
  • Goal setting in whole system leadership
  • Understanding networks and leverage within networks
  • Understanding boundaries, breaking silos and releasing value from hybrid ideas
  • Living with uncertainty whilst establishing credibility
  • Cultivating reflective practice
  • Cultivating influence within whole system leadership


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